3 Reasons to Give to Zero Ceiling This Holiday Season

We know you have many worthy causes you support, with many wonderful organizations working hard to create a world free of inequality, suffering, and loss. If Zero Ceiling is one of those recipients, we are humbled and so grateful. If we aren’t, here are 3 reasons to give to Zero Ceiling:

1. Zero Ceiling is walking a path of decolonization

This year, we have done a lot of hard work preparing our team and the entire organization for changing the way we operate. Our goal is to decolonize what we do and how we do it so that we eliminate any further harm to those who have suffered under the process of colonization.

One priority has been to reimagine how we connect with the land and the natural world. Our Co-Executive Director, Sean, took part in The Access Project with our partners at evo. Hear Sean’s perspective on why that is important in this piece from our friends at evo and watch The Access Project now.

“Nature feeds the soul. As we work to decolonize and indigenize our programs, we are re-understanding the role the outdoors plays in our programs. We recognize that we are part of nature, and it is important that we stay connected to it. Our land-based programming offers a chance for those in our programs to connect with nature. More than just fun – which we have a lot of – nature provides opportunities to heal.” — Sean Easton

2. Giving while living feels good

Andy Szocs is a long-time donor of ours. His particular interest is ensuring people in the Sea to Sky Corridor have access to mental health care and support when they need it.

We recently heard from Andy about why he gives:

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to give: to know that you are making a real difference in your community. But giving is also a responsibility. I really believe that those of us who can must share our wealth to lift up our communities. And we’ll be privileged to see the impact our gifts make. That’s why I choose to give now, while I’m still here to witness change happening. While lots of people plan gifts in their will, I think more people should consider “giving while living”. It’s brought so much joy to my life, and I truly believe it can for so many others too.” — Andy Szocs

3. We share YOUR vision of a brighter future, and we’re working hard to make it a reality

In 2021, we promised you that we were building a better future. In 2022, we have been working hard to make that a reality. Here is what we committed to doing this year:

We are breaking systemic barriers that exist for young people, so that every child and teen can find and walk their own paths.

We work with many local employers through our Work 2 Live program, providing training and resources to workplace leaders so they can create better, more prosperous businesses.

We advocate strongly with local and provincial governments for low-barrier, accessible mental health support, food security, and affordable housing, and embed that into our own programs.

We are doing the work of engaging with Indigenous Nations and organizations to support them in preserving the land we all cherish.

Give to Zero Ceiling

We are currently about $60,000 short of our fundraising goal for the year. If you can, please give to Zero Ceiling to celebrate 25 years of unconditional love and support.