Our Vision of a Brighter Future Is YOUR Vision, Too

Zero Ceiling is hoping to raise $100,000 by the end of 2021 to help us build a brighter future for our community. Donate to help us meet our goal and you will be entered to win $200 to spend at any Whistler Blackcomb retail store.

When you picture a brighter future, what does it look like?

For some, it might be a community where every child and teen has the support and means to thrive and become happy, fulfilled adults.

For others, it might be that we have an economically prosperous community, where businesses don’t fail due to lack of staff.

For you it might be mental health, food security, or affordable housing.

For me personally, I care a lot about our environment and ensuring that we preserve our land for future generations.

We know you have many great options for giving this holiday season. But let me tell you why you may want to give to Zero Ceiling:

Our vision of a bright future is your vision of a brighter future.

We are breaking systemic barriers that exist for young people, so that every child and teen can find and walk their own paths.

We work with many local employers through our Work 2 Live program, providing training and resources to workplace leaders so they can create better, more prosperous businesses.

A photograph of a young man holding a snowboard and looking towards the camera. Behind him is a pristine mountain sceneWe advocate strongly with local and provincial governments for low-barrier, accessible mental health support, food security, and affordable housing, and embed that into our own programs.

We are doing the work of engaging with Indigenous Nations and organizations to support them in preserving the land we all cherish.

To support a brighter future for our community, please consider giving a gift. The first $20,000 will be matched, meaning your dollars will be doubled.

If you have questions about how our visions of a brighter future align, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Donate: https://zeroceiling.org/building-a-brighter-future/