Based in the mountain town of Whistler, BC, Zero Ceiling offers life-changing programs for young people experiencing homelessness and unstable housing. Our flagship Work 2 Live program provides supportive housing and employment, while the Adventure Sessions create meaningful outdoor experiences for hundreds of young people every year.


Work 2 Live is a supportive housing program for young people aged 19-27 who are experiencing homelessness or unstable housing. Through Work 2 Live, participants gain the stability, skills, and support systems to have a healthy transition to adulthood. The program offers supportive housing, full-time supportive employment, life skills education, case management, outdoor recreation, and wraparound supports to help young people build healthy, autonomous lives.

The Adventure Sessions are outdoor adventure day camps for young people aged 13-27 who are experiencing or who are at risk of homelessness. We offer no-cost access to the mountains of Whistler, BC, for some of the most marginalized young people in our communities. The program offers snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and ziplining adventures in a safe environment where young people can relax, have fun, and connect to nature and the land, as well as each other.

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