COVID-19 Adaptation and Recovery: Human Resource and Training Needs in Whistler, BC

For over 20 years, we have worked with Whistler businesses to provide supportive employment for young Canadians. And since 2017, we have partnered with Royal Roads University to understand the impact of our programs for young people and employers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Royal Roads University reached out to ask if Whistler could benefit from on-the-ground research into what our businesses need to recover effectively. We saw an opportunity to lend our experience and expertise to tackling the challenges facing our community. We would like to thank the Whistler Chamber of Commerce for support connecting our researchers to the Whistler business community.

Read the Research Report

In the summer aof 2020, Professor Jo Axe and Assistant Professor Rebecca Wilson-Mah carried out focus groups with employers and employees in Whistler to explore what our businesses needed. What challenges were they facing with hiring and re-hiring staff? What were their concerns about staff returning to work? What training did they and their staff need to safely reopen their businesses?

This report presents what they learned. It identifies specific training needs across different sectors in Whistler. It explores how other similar communities have recovered from previous disasters. And it offers a model for how we can move forward towards recovery as a community.

Watch the Research Launch Webinar

On September 15, 2020, Professor Jo Axe and Assistant Professor Rebecca Wilson-Mah presented their research to the Whistler community. Watch the full webinar to hear their insights into the training and HR needs of Whistler businesses as we move towards recovery from COVID-19.

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