Have you ever wondered how non-profits fund programs like Work 2 Live and pay our incredible staff teams? Securing diverse sources of funding is essential for sustainability and impact and we rely on a multi-faceted approach to funding, encompassing various strategies and channels to support our mission of empowering youth facing or experiencing homelessness. Let’s explore the different types of funding that fuel our work and drive positive change in our community.

Grants are a primary source of funding for many nonprofits, including Zero Ceiling. These funds, awarded by government agencies, banks, and corporations, provide critical support for specific projects, programs, and initiatives. Securing grants requires careful research, strategic planning, and meticulous grant writing to align with funders’ priorities and requirements. At Zero Ceiling we are so grateful to have received grants from the Whistler Community Foundation, Hocky Helps The Homeless, TD Ready Commit, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and more who enable us to expand our reach, enhance our programs, and deliver impactful services to those in need.

Foundations, family foundations and major donors are instrumental in providing financial support and resources to nonprofit organizations such as our own and many others in Whistler. By cultivating relationships that share our values and mission, we can access funding opportunities and strategic partnerships to amplify our impact. Building strong connections with foundations, family foundations and major donors is essential for sustaining our programs, driving innovation, and addressing systemic challenges.

Monthly donors are the lifeblood of nonprofit sustainability, providing a reliable and consistent source of income to support our ongoing operations and initiatives. We sincerely appreciate the 46 recurring dedicated supporters who contribute a set amount each month, demonstrating their commitment to our cause and empowering us to plan, budget, and invest in long-term solutions. Shout out to some of our long time donors Cathy Jewett, Dave Halliwell, Catherine Power-Chartrand, Beth Freement, Nicole Chetwyn and many more. We see you and appreciate you very much.

One-time donations play a crucial role in funding immediate needs, responding to emergencies, and supporting specific projects or campaigns. Whether it’s a generous individual gift or a corporate donation, every contribution helps advance our mission and drive positive impact. At Zero Ceiling, one-time donations enable us to seize opportunities, invest in critical resources, and adapt to evolving challenges faced by the youth we serve.

Third-party fundraisers are innovative initiatives organized by individuals, businesses, or community groups to raise funds on behalf of Zero Ceiling. Some examples of these types of fundraisers include ZipTrek providing a portion of their merch sales to Zero Ceiling, RMU running a Karma Keg fundraiser, evo and Altitude Sports running in-store fundraisers, and The Adventure Group providing a portion of their sales from a Local’s Day pro to Zero Ceiling.  From these example to online campaigns to lemonade stands, provide a platform for supporters to engage with our cause, raise awareness, and provide an excellent opportunity to engage with new supporters and raise awareness about our programs.

We also take proactive steps to secure funding through internal fundraising events. From the excitement of our online auctions to the dazzling performances of Cirque for Change, these events serve as platforms to raise crucial funds for our programming while also supporting our dedicated staff. Additionally, our donation campaigns and raffles engage our community in meaningful ways, rallying support and spreading awareness about who we are, what we do, and how we’re creating change. 

In a nutshell, at Zero Ceiling, we’re all about using every avenue possible to make a real difference in the lives of young individuals in our care. Whether it’s through grants, foundations, monthly donations, one-time gifts, or community fundraisers, every bit counts. By tapping into these diverse funding sources, we’re able to build a stronger foundation, reach more young people, and truly change lives.

So, if you’re passionate about helping us create brighter futures, why not join us? Your donation, big or small, can make a world of difference. Let’s work together to empower these amazing individuals and make our communities even better. Donate now and be a part of something truly meaningful!


Header photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya. Upper inset photo of Lizi and a major donor. Lower inset image from Cirque for Change 2023 by Chris Stark.