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Success looks different for every young person we serve. For some, it’s signing a lease for their first apartment. For others, it’s finding their dream job in the mountains. Success could mean going back to school, reconnecting with family, or mastering a downhill mountain bike. The common threads in all these stories? Stability, connection, and dreams for the future.

So how do we measure our impact?

Firstly, we ask our participants. Their experiences and ideas shape our programs day-in, day-out, because they are the experts in what works for them.

Secondly, since 2017 we’ve worked with an independent research team from Royal Roads University. Their work – informed by participants, graduates, staff, volunteers, and partners – helps us understand our impact and adapt our programs to better serve more young people facing homelessness.

Kehew’s Story

Kehew was ready for a change when she stumbled across a poster for Zero Ceiling’s Work 2 Live program. She joined Work 2 Live in 2016 and embraced the chance to live and work in Whistler.

In this short video, Kehew explains how the program helped her “become someone she never thought she could be”.

“In search of employment”: New Research on Work 2 Live

The latest research from Royal Roads University, published in Children and Youth Services Review, explores what makes a successful supportive employment program. The findings focus on the experience of our participants and the effectiveness of partnerships with local businesses.  We’re already using insights from this research to shape the future of our Work 2 Live program to have a greater impact than ever.



  1. Employment is an important, yet sometimes overlooked, aspect of assisting vulnerable youth in moving to independence.
  2. Understanding the multiple perspectives of the avenues into, and out of, homelessness for young people helps ground effective supported employment programs.
  3. Strong resilient partnerships that bridge across employment, housing and support provide a better foundation for programs that can foster participant success and a reciprocal success for the community and workplaces they live and work in.

Work 2 Live Program Review 2018

In 2018, Royal Roads University carried out a comprehensive review of our Work 2 Live supportive housing and employment program. Their report released in September 2019, explores the impact of the program on participants’ lives, and identifies future directions for Work 2 Live.

Read the full report from Drs. Jo Axe, Elizabeth Childs, and Kathleen Manion to learn more.

The front cover of the Zero Ceiling 2019 Impact Report. It shows a photo of two young men laughing while dressed in snowboard gear. The text reads "Zero Ceiling Impact Report 2019."

2019 Impact Report

In 2019, Zero Ceiling served more young people than ever through our Work 2 Live and Adventure Sessions programs. In our 2019 Impact Report, you’ll find stories from our program graduates, learn more about Zero Ceiling’s unique programs, and discover how to support us in our mission to end youth homelessness..

“Today I wake up and have a purpose, have responsibilities and have a chance at a better life than I ever thought possible. I have a job that I love, a roof over my head and food on the table. Zero Ceiling has changed every aspect of my life in a positive way.”

Work 2 Live Graduate