Zero Ceiling donors have the power to transform lives.  By giving a gift today, you will enable young people who have faced great challenges to pursue their goals. You will help to lift them out of a cycle of poverty that has trapped them, and their families, in difficult situations. And you will give them the support, stability, opportunity and adventure that they need, allowing them to make the most of mountain life.

Thank you for helping to transform lives!


Donating $1000 or more? Please contact us directly at We’re so grateful for your generous donation.


Our Community Support crew are a dedicated group of supporters who donate to Zero Ceiling every month. By joining them, you will ensure we can provide sustainable programs that make a big impact.

A monthly gift is a simple and affordable way to make a real difference. Your contribution will directly empower the young people in our Work 2 Live crew to build healthier, independent lives.


Join our team and get involved! Use your creativity and passion to take an active role by fundraising, donating or spreading awareness for our cause.

cocktail300Host a Cocktail Party

Create a fun, meaningful and socially conscious event for your friends to give back to those in need.  Ask your guests to consider giving a donation to Zero Ceiling. A Zero Ceiling representative would be happy to attend your party to share information about how your friends can positively impact our charity.


cupcake300Special Occasions

Why not give up your gifts and ask for donations instead? Make this year special. Celebrate your birthday and a great cause at the same time.


runner300Host a Sporting Event

Whether you’re running a marathon, bungee jumping for the first time, or anything in between, use your next sporting opportunity to raise funds & awareness in support of Zero Ceiling.


To learn how your organization can join forces with Zero Ceiling, or to engage with the vital help of sponsoring our work, please email us or call 604.962.5000.