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“In April 2022, we hosted six of our community impact partners at Journeyman Lodge in Whistler, BC. Between time on the skin track, exploring the ridges above the Callaghan Valley and meals together around the dinner table, we sat down to discuss the challenges underserved and underrepresented communities face in accessing the outdoors. Join us in helping our partners extend their impact.” — The Access Project, evo

Watch the seven minute video above to learn why creating accessible outdoor experiences is so important. Learn about the missions of these smart, passionate, and talented individuals and the organizations they represent.

Our Co-ED, Sean, is a white man. He is passionate about social change and is an amateur tattoo artist in his spare time.

Sean Easton, Zero Ceiling’s Co-Executive Director

Zero Ceiling’s Co-ED, Sean, had the privilege of taking part in this incredible project, along with many of our friends working to remove barriers to the outdoors.

“We at Zero Ceiling live into our guiding principles, one of which is grounded in relationship and community. We seek out partners who share our values and have found this in evo! When evo came to Whistler, they sought us out to understand the local community’s makeup and needs. We need more socially minded companies to use their power and resources to meet the needs of the community they exist within. We need more companies like evo.” — Sean Easton, Co-Executive Director of Zero Ceiling

Going Beyond Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, we are asking our supporters to help us raise $100,000 by the end of the year. If you are able, please donate to our 25 Years of Unconditional Love campaign.

However, giving money does not have to be the only way you can make an impact this year. Consider what you can do by learning, engaging, volunteering, sharing, or championing the causes and organizations you care about most.

We want to join with evo and our friends to encourage you to give in whatever way you can.

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A group of social impact leaders sit around a table laughing together at Whistler's The Journeyman Lodge during the filiming of The Access Project in April 2022

The Access Project crew share a meal at The Journeyman Lodge in Whistler, BC.

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