Working at Zero Ceiling: What it’s really like

When I’m asked what’s special about Zero Ceiling, that’s easy: it’s the people. Every day, I get to work with creative, empathetic, passionate people who believe every young person deserves a home.

In the last two years, it feels like we’ve been recruiting and hiring at least once per month. While that may seem like a red flag, it’s actually been a sign of growth and maturation. No, we are not a horrible place to work. And no, we are not losing money or engaging in dodgy HR practices.

It’s just HARD to hire right now. We aren’t the only organizations or businesses feeling this.

We try to create a great place to work with wages at or above average for our sector. We try to create a working environment where everyone is valued, can contribute meaningfully, and can create a work-life balance that makes sense for them and their family.

But what does that look like on a regular day?

Our Development Manager, Lizi, described her day at Zero Ceiling like this:

It might mean an afternoon catch-up over a coffee to debrief a difficult situation. Or coordinating and leading our weekly mountain bike rides at Whistler Blackcomb. It could mean working with a mental health provider to create a unique treatment plan. Or helping a local business foster a supportive working environment for someone struggling with anxiety.

One thing we can guarantee: no two days are the same. We meet young people where they’re at, so we spend lots of time listening, being creative, and helping them get the support they need. Being flexible, patient, and good at problem-solving is a must.

We won’t pretend it’s always easy: which is why we offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a flexible, supportive working environment. Relationships are at the heart of Zero Ceiling, and our staff is a true team, supporting each other to make a real difference in our community.

For another experience, check out this blog post by one of our summer Youth Workers from a few years back.

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