The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation has signed up to be Zero Ceiling’s Housing Partner for the next three years. Their grant of $25,000 per year will allow the organization to provide secure housing and support for young people who have experienced homelessness or unstable housing.  Participants in the program are referred to Zero Ceiling by youth agencies in the Sea to Sky and lower mainland.  Whilst in the program they have full-time jobs at Whistler Blackcomb, stable housing, professional support, life skills support and adventure-based learning opportunities.

Stable housing makes all the difference

Providing stable housing is a proven, crucial first step in helping people who have been homeless to build an independent life, which is why having a committed Housing Partner in the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation is so incredible.

“The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation have generously supported Zero Ceiling for a long time now, and we’re absolutely thrilled that they have committed to doing so for another three years. Knowing we can rely on their support into the future gives us the stability we need to make a real impact on young people’s lives,” said Chris Wrightson, Co-Executive Director of Zero Ceiling. “We would like to thank the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation for being such an important driver of community development in the Sea to Sky. We are extremely fortunate to have them in our community.”

Cooking a healthy dinner for the Work 2 Live crew

Cooking a healthy dinner for the Work 2 Live crew

WB Foundation supports young people in the Sea to Sky

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation is committed to providing financial support to charities and non-profit organizations in the Sea to Sky Corridor that focus on children and youth.  Executive Director Mei Madden said, “We are proud to be able to continue to support such an amazing organization.  I’ve always been extremely impressed by the good work that Zero Ceiling does, and the incredible and significant impact they have on the lives of their participants.”

All of the young people in the Zero Ceiling program have faced significant challenges in their lives. However, they have chosen to join the 12-month program in Whistler to gain the experience and skills they need to build purposeful, healthy, independent lives. Their subsidized housing unit, provided by Whistler Blackcomb, is a stable base which they can call home; where they can relax, cook good food and get a good night’s sleep. Without it, it would be almost impossible for them to succeed at work, up the mountain and in the community. Many Zero Ceiling graduates go on to make Whistler their home upon graduating from the program.

A Work 2 Live graduate works on his first car

Many of our Work 2 Live graduates build a life in Whistler once they’ve left the program

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