Less than three weeks ago, we reached out to our supporters, asking for help to raise $10,000 before the end of September. So we were very excited to announce last week that in just 10 days our generous community donated over $34,000 to help fund our life-changing Work 2 Live program!

How your funds will help change lives

We needed funds to support new participants in our Work 2 Live program this fall. These young people – who have all experienced or are at risk of homelessness – will join our Work 2 Live supportive housing and employment program this month. They’re ready to embrace new opportunities and become part of our community for the next year or more.

Catching up with our participants the fun way!

Helping them settle in to their new home and community takes lots of resources. We provide practical support like:

  • subsidized rent until their first paycheck;
  • a bus pass so they can commute to work;
  • help getting a bank account and ID; and
  • a fridge stocked with healthy food.

And just as important is the time we spend getting to know them. Sharing a coffee and helping them work towards their goals. Heading up the mountain for a hike. Building trust, having fun, and making them feel welcome in our mountain home.

A testament to our community

We are so grateful to every single person who donated over those 10 days. Individuals, families, local businesses, and foundations all played their part in helping us exceed our goal. Your generosity is a testament to the wonderful community we live in, and will help incredible young people build a home here in Whistler.

The latest research from Royal Roads University is available now

We particularly want to thank the Entwistle Family Foundation and the Fairmont Foundation, who both donated $10,000 to our campaign. Those gifts alone will fund one participant in the Work 2 Live program for an entire year – long enough for them to develop the skills and experience to transition to living and working independently.

To find out more about how these donations help us fight youth homelessness, read the latest research on the Work 2 Live program from Royal Roads University, which is now available on our website. The report explores how the Work 2 Live program changes young people’s lives, and how we can build on our success into the future to have an even bigger impact.

Thank you for helping us transform lives

Zero Ceiling wouldn’t exist without the support of an incredible, generous community that believes in providing opportunities for the most vulnerable young people in our society. We were blown away by the response we received when we reached out three weeks ago. This month, we’ll welcome new participants to Whistler, and thanks to you, we’ll be able to provide them with everything they need to start building healthy, independent lives.