alti action graphic from Altitude Sports

Yep, you read that correctly. There is a way you can donate to charity and double up your cash to put towards buying new winter gear.

Until October 31st, 2017, Montreal-based outdoor retailer, Altitude Sports, is giving customers $30 to spend online at their store when you donate $15 to one of three Canadian charities – one of which is Zero Ceiling!

Not a bad deal, eh? Turn $15 into $30 and help provide housing, outdoor adventure, and professional services to disadvantaged people when they need it most.

This season is the launch of our Alti Action program which, like our previous One Jacket, Two Stories Program, allows customers the chance to give back and make a change in a community near them – Altitude Sports

We’re very excited that Zero Ceiling has been chosen to be one of the three charities that customers can donate to. And the program is doing so well that Altitude Sports have decided to extend the program for an extra two weeks from its original end date!

About Alti Action: After donating $15 to one of the organizations, you receive 30 AltiDollars which can be put towards a future order on the Altitude Sports website. Each AltiDollar is equal to one dollar CAD and can be used on any future purchase including discounted items. AltiDollars are also inexpirable so if those shoes you love aren’t currently available in your size, you can wait until they are –

To donate to Zero Ceiling and get your $30, visit the Altitude Sports website now.