We all know the outdoor adventure world is full of awesome people, organizations and ideas. And Altitude Sports, the Montreal-based online outdoor gear retailer, combined all three in their recent Alti Action fundraiser. The idea? Customers made a $15 donation to a charity of their choice, and received $30 credit to spend on Altitude Sports amazing range of outdoor gear. Everyone’s a winner!

Here at Zero Ceiling, we were lucky enough to be one of three charities chosen for the fundraiser (along with Old Brewery Mission and Right To Play). Being a small, grassroots organization all the way on the West Coast, we were stoked that one of the biggest online outdoor retailers in Canada wanted to help us out. There is a natural fit between the two organizations: we both want to make it easier for people to get outdoors, have adventures and see life from a different perspective. We love working with thoughtful, community-focused organizations, and we’re luck that there are so many in the outdoor industry.

Altitude Sports: “You need to give back to your society”

We wanted to find out what inspired them to set up Alti Action. Maxime Dubois, Co-CEO of Altitude Sports said, “We have always thought that when you run a successful business, you need to give back to your society. By getting people to consciously choose and donate to a cause, Alti Action becomes a triple win. Clients get a good deal and  a chance to contribute to a good cause. Zero Ceiling receives funding to continue helping young people in need. And Altitude Sports obviously benefits from this initiative too.” We think it’s a fantastic example of a company making the most of their community to give back to those in need.

Part of an awesome outdoor community

As Zero Ceiling’s Co-Executive Director, Chris Wrightson, said, “The outdoor community in Canada has always been incredibly generous – and here at Zero Ceiling we know that better than most. It’s fantastic that companies like Altitude Sports want to support small organizations like Zero Ceiling. Every donation makes it easier for us to provide outdoor adventures for young people who are working hard to transform their own lives.”

A snowboarder rides through the trees

Having the right gear is crucial for a good day in the mountains

We’re so grateful to all of the Altitude Sports customers who chose to donate to Zero Ceiling. Every donation means the world to us. And we hope you got to buy some awesome gear too! If you haven’t shopped at Altitude Sports before, check them out. They stock a huge range of outdoor brands and activities. From skiing to swimming, camping to cycling, if you’re in search of new outdoor gear or clothing, they probably have what you’re looking for.

On the hunt for a great deal?

It’s not the first time Altitude Sports have leveraged their awesome outdoor community to do good either. Back in 2012, they ran a “Don’t Dump that Downie” campaign. Customers could donate their old, but wearable jackets to the Old Brewery Mission to help those in need. In exchange, they received $75 of credit to spend on a new jacket. We love all these creative ideas for giving back!

A girl ties her shoelaces while preparing for a hike

On the hunt for new gear for the summer season? Look no further!


Here at Zero Ceiling we’re always open to new collaborations and fundraising ideas. If you have an idea you’d like to work with us on, get in touch at info@zeroceiling.org.