On May 29, 2019, we received a generous donation of $11,300 by 100 Women Whistler at their inaugural meeting. The gift was part of an incredible evening spent with dozens of women from Whistler and the Sea to Sky area who are taking part in a global initiative to change the world, one community at a time.

All it Takes is 100 Women

The new Whistler organization is part of the larger 100+ Women Who Care initiative, which has chapters throughout the world. The idea is simple: bring (at least) a hundred women together for an hour to decide, efficiently and fairly, which local charity should receive their donation. Once the decision has been made, each member donates her $100 and boom—$10,000 raised for a deserving charity in less than half the amount of time it takes to sit through a summer blockbuster.

four smiling women in a room face the camera with a large cheque behind them.

Kristi, Madison, and Chris accept the donation from 100 Women Whistler in May.

100 Women Whistler brings people who care about making a difference into the same space with the goal of creating meaningful impact. It is based on the idea that together, we have the ability to create strong, healthy communities.

Members have a chance to nominate Whistler and Sea to Sky charities who are working to make the community a better place. We were honoured to be nominated alongside Whistler Children’s Centre and Whistler Public Library. Their representatives were amazing to watch, and we appreciate all the great work they do.

Adventure is Our Ethos

These funds will go directly to support Work 2 Live, our 12-month supportive housing and employment program for youth aged 19-24 who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness.

Work 2 Live brings them to Whistler for a year, and, with the help of our tremendous partners, they are able to make a living and a life here. We also provide individualized supports such as connections to outreach services, life skills coaching, job skills training, and mentorship.

two women in snowboard gear sit and chat on a snow-covered slope.

By making sure fun is a part of the program, Zero Ceiling goes beyond providing basic tools and resources and considers the whole person.

Zero Ceiling sent three of our own amazing women to the 100 Women Whistler event: Kristi, one of our Work 2 Live graduates, gave a speech about her experiences in the program and the circumstances that led her to Zero Ceiling; our Co-Executive Director, Chris, let the audience know what $10,000 would mean for the Work 2 Live crew and the program; and Madison, a current crew member, helped answer questions from the audience.

Kristi and Madison emphasized that the thing that separates us from the other supportive housing programs in Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky is that Zero Ceiling goes beyond providing basic tools and resources and considers the whole person. We give crew the chance to have fun in the snow, trails, treetops, and rivers through things like weekly Ride Days and opportunities to work in outdoor recreation with Whistler Blackcomb. Kristi and Madison spoke about how having adventures in nature can create new perspectives and challenges that lead to confidence and growth. Through time in the outdoors, crew members get the chance to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We are so proud of all three women for showing their vulnerability and their strength. Thank you!

Thank you, 100 Women Whistler!

Lizi and Ashlie hold a giant cheque between them.

Thank you 100 Women Whistler for your generosity. Become a member today and help a charity in your community.

It was an exciting night, celebrating not only 100 Women Whistler’s first meeting, but also the amazing women themselves. We had a chance to speak with members at a reception following the voting, and learned about the incredible work the members do and the passion they have for our community. Everyone was full of positivity and joy, and we were truly humbled to be a part of it.

But the best part is that through their generous donations, we will be able to fund one Work 2 Live crew member fully for half the length of the program. It only costs $20,000 to support one young person for a year

in Work 2 Live, compared to about five times that amount in a shelter. That’s six months of safe housing, transportation, one-on-one support, biking, hiking, and boarding. And that, as they say, is priceless.

Want to Learn More?

100 Women Whistler is looking for more amazing, passionate women to become members and vote at their next meeting sometime in the fall. The commitment is simple: $100 donated to charity at each meeting, four meetings a year, one hour per meeting. Email Ashlie to learn more: ashlie@100womenwhistler.com

If you’re under 18, there is a 100 Kids Whistler, too! Email info@100womenwhistler.com to sign up now.

100 Women Whistler Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/100womenwhistler

100 Women Whistler Website: http://100womenwhistler.com/

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