and we are looking for suitable applicants for the 2017 summer intake.

Program Description
Our vision is to reduce youth homelessness and transform lives.

Work 2 Live is a comprehensive 12-month program (two 6-month seasons) that provides subsidized housing, employment, adventure-based learning, and ongoing professional support. Youth, 19 to 24, benefit from stable and affordable housing, allowing them to focus on aspects of the program that promote personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. In partnership with Whistler Blackcomb, Zero Ceiling provides employment where they earn valuable experience and the resources necessary to live independently. Participants can use this program as a compass to literally rebuild and transform their lives, shifting their futures from streets to peaks.

Work 2 Live Program Participants

Applications are only accepted via referral from a professional support worker. Our program is very demanding: participants work a full-time job and must attend program activities on top of their work duties. Historically, the participants who find the most success in our program are those who demonstrate a high level of independence, are motivated to work hard, and dedicated to improving their circumstances. Participants who need a high level of support, have mental health issue that need daily attention, and those with drug and alcohol dependencies often struggle to succeed in our program. This in large part is due to the limited resources at Zero Ceiling as well as Whistler not having 24/7 support programs. Most supportive services run Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm. Persons who require more support than this are not a good fit for the Work 2 Live program.

Application Process and Deadline
An application form must be completed by the youth who is applying and a referral form must be completed by the professional support worker.  Please contact Sean for the link to these application forms.
The deadline for applications is Friday, April 28.  

Interviews will be held at Directions Youth Services, Vancouver, on May 4 and successful applicants will begin the first season of the Work 2 Live program at the beginning of June.

How to Apply
If you, or a youth you work with is interested in applying for the Work 2 Live program, please contact Sean Easton:
Sean Easton, Co-Executive Director