Zero Ceiling’s progressive partner organizations make our programs possible. Through their generous and visionary support, Zero Ceiling has been able to provide opportunities to date for over 4,000 at-risk and homeless youth to participate in our adventure-based day programs and more than 65 youth to wholly transform their lives through our signature Work 2 Live program.

To learn how your organization can join forces with Zero Ceiling, or to engage with the vital help of sponsoring our work, please contact us.


Whistler Blackcomb provides vital in-kind donations across the full spectrum of Zero Ceiling’s programs, including lift tickets, equipment, on-hill instruction, jobs and housing.

The Adventure Group Whistler provides Zero Ceiling’s programs with adventure based learning activities such as their Treetop Adventures – an incredibly unique aerial tree course.

Superfly Ziplines provides Zero Ceiling youth with the opportunity to go on the world’s most spectacular zip-line.

Wedge Rafting provides white water rafting adventures on the Cheakamus River for Zero Ceiling’s programs.




Zero Ceiling’s agency partners form the connective tissue to our core cause by linking us with the populations we serve. They refer participants to our programs, as well as integrate our programming into their own. Without them, we would have the concept but not the population to serve. These agencies currently include: