Zero Ceiling’s Adventure Sessions provide participants ages 16 to 24 with an empowering, inspiring and often transformative break from their day-to-day challenges. Many of these youth live on the street. All come to us via specific youth groups from Metro Vancouver and the Sea to Sky corridor.

Participants experience guided outdoor activities in Whistler with instruction and opportunities for reflection. Youth leave inspired and excited about dramatically new experiences, in the outdoors and far from their everyday challenges. Rather than a simple escape, these day visits are designed to empower, inspire, engage and provide useful life tools.

Zero Ceiling is able to offer all Adventure Sessions free of charge to participants and their referring youth agencies, thanks to in-kind donations of lift tickets, rental equipment, guiding and instruction. Zero Ceiling serves up to 375 youth each year through the Adventure Sessions.

It’s important to note that Zero Ceiling’s Adventure Sessions provide another vital function by connecting Zero Ceiling with future candidates for our Work 2 Live program —a twelve-month residency that transforms participants’ lives.


Our Adventure Sessions are the place to begin having fun and raising your sights with us. If you are between the ages of 16 and 24, live in the Sea-to-Sky corridor or Greater Vancouver, and are looking for a fresh start and change of environment, you can find out about participating in Zero Ceiling’s Adventure Sessions by: